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This improvement to Larry White’s Tri-Section adds an element of danger! On a small table rests what appears to be a stack of cabinets. The top cabinet appears to be divided into three sections. Also resting on the table is a candle and stand. To begin the effect, the magician inserts his arm into the top box all the way so that his hand extends out the other side. A small door on the top of the center box is opened and the front door of the center cabinet is opened to reveal a small torch. The audience can see completely through this box with no hiding place for the arm. The torch is taken out and lit by the candle. Next, it is used to ignite the center box. Two blades are suddenly thrust down, separating the center box from the other two. The center box is pulled up to reveal an empty space where the arm should be, but isn’t, and there is nothing below. The arm seems to have vanished, yet the hand can be seen. All is reversed and the arm is withdrawn in one piece......$27.50 plus shipping.


Tri-Flaming-Section E-plan TRFS287122546$37.50