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The Underwater Crate Escape

Redesigned by Mark Cannon and drawn by Paul Osborne, this is a classic escape that has been performed by many of the most famous magicians and escape artists over the years. The effect is straightforward and to the point. After spectators have thoroughly examined a simple wooden crate, actually gotten in it, banged on the walls, etc., the magician is handcuffed and shackled. The performer is then lifted and put into the crate. Borrowed locks secure the top down. The entire unit is lifted by a crane up and over the water. At this point, the crate and the performer are lowered into the water. The suspense builds, but soon the crate is again hoisted up and the performer is standing on top of it, obviously make a spectacular escape for all to see! This all new "safety first" version guarantees a safe and trouble-free escape every time, yet can be thoroughly examined. It's easy to build and spectacular to perform.


The Underwater Crate Escape E-Plan uncrese$38.00