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The Unbelievable Vanish

If you are looking to vanish a large animal, a car, a group of people, a bus or a train then this is the plan for you! It explores the Edmund Spreer/Fu Manchu method of vanishing a large object. As a typical example we give you the vanishing horse, but this plan can be adapted to suit any situation. The basic effect is that the horse is guided into a decorative structure that allows the audience to see the animal through a scrim. The outline on the scrim is of the horse. At the magician’s command there is a puff of smoke and the cabinet is illuminated to prove that the horse has indeed vanished! The walls of the cabinet can even be flown or taken down to prove the animal no longer exists. We give you a You Tube example as well as ideas to adapt the concept to work well with what you want to vanish..........$29.00


The Unbelievable Vanish E-Plan UBVE$39.00