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Water Torture Cell

One of the most legendary escape stunts, the Water Torture Cell is closely associated with Houdini and incorrectly believed by some to have caused his death. The effect is breathtaking: A set of stocks is examined and the performer's ankles are locked within, using a spectator's locks. The performer is then raised high above an ominous tank filled with water. At the count of three, he is lowered upside down into the tank and locked within using another set of locks from the spectator. A cloth is quickly lowered around the tank as he gasps for air within. Audience members hold their collective breath as they wait, then suddenly at the last possible moment, the performer makes his escape from the watery grave. We have joined forces with well known escape artist, Mark Cannon, to bring you the only detailed plans of this spectacular stunt. We give you all the information on the tank, the stocks, the lift gantry and the cloth covering. All details are revealed and construction methods are explained in this spectacular set of construction documents.


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