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Witch Doctor's Revenge

Sitting High on a pedestal is a man or, should we say, a half man? You won't find a more baffling illusion that can be used as a side show attraction, in a haunted house, or as a display. The audience sees a witch doctor existing only from the chest up, yet he is highly animated, yelling at the audience, telling them what to do, criticizing their clothing and demanding that they stand up straight. This one time witch doctor seems to have great wisdom as he waves his arms, screams absurdities, casts spells, gives fortunes and predicts the future. But how can this half human be? Is it real, or is it an illusion? This is what the audience is left wondering. Illusion Systems is the only place you will find this most unusual plan and we detail all the elements so you can easily construct this most impressive illusion. We also give you themeing ideas other than a witch doctor so this basic concept can be adapted to your particular needs.


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